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The place Does the Physique's Vitality Come From?

The place Does the Physique's Vitality Come From?


For greater than a century, scientists have observed water has a wide range of uncommon properties that don’t match inside the traditional mannequin of it being only a strong, liquid or fuel.

Gerald Pollack constructed upon these observations, and finally decided that when a negatively charged floor is current, if an acceptable power supply can also be current (notably infrared — which is in all places), the water will assemble itself into layers of offset hexagonal sheets with the method H3O2 that behave like a liquid crystal.

Notice: Along with mild, sound may generate H3O2.

In my eyes, liquid crystalline water is a critically underneath appreciated space of science because it gives a mechanism to elucidate most of the unexplained mysteries of the physique (e.g., how accomplish that many fluids circulate inside it regardless of there being no recognized pump to maneuver them) and a technique to put phrases into a lot of what we steadily observe inside the physique.

What Is Liquid Crystalline Water?

Liquid crystalline water has a major diploma of solidity, and can expel most issues from coming into it (e.g., polystyrene microspheres), together with the displaced hydrogen atoms (as it’s H1.5O not H2O). These displaced positively charged H atoms (henceforth known as protons), in flip assemble instantly outdoors this lattice, thereby making a pH and cost gradient which could be measured.

In lots of circumstances, these H3O2 lattices could be huge — in favorable situations, Pollack and others have measured ones starting from 0.1 millimeters to 0.5 millimeters (100,000 to 500,000 nanometers or nm) in measurement. Cells rely upon this water, in order that they include numerous surfaces from which the water can kind.

For instance, 20% of the cell is occupied by its cytoskeleton (a protein lattice which maintains its construction), and evaluation of high-voltage electron micrographs have proven that inside the cytoskeleton, over half of the water current is inside 5 nm of a floor it might doubtlessly kind H3O2 on (for reference a single H2O molecule is 0.27 nm in measurement).

For the reason that floor websites that water can construction on are so carefully packed collectively in cells, it’s comprehensible why liquid crystalline water (additionally generally referred to as EZ water) could be a lot extra obvious to people observing dwelling cells underneath a microscope (which in truth is the place a lot of the early analysis on H3O2 originated from). This in flip raises one other query: why are cells designed to create a lot liquid crystalline water?

Notice: An extended article describing the lengthy historical past of analysis into liquid crystalline water (H3O2) and its bodily properties could be learn right here.

Mysteries of the Cell

Within the earlier article, I mentioned a typical situation I observe inside science. When an incorrect mannequin is utilized to elucidate a pure course of, discrepancies between the mannequin’s predictions and actuality will inevitably seem.

One would anticipate that when this occurs, it might encourage these espousing the inaccurate mannequin to re-examine their mannequin, however as an alternative, since a lot has been invested into that mannequin, they as an alternative will denounce any challenges to it, and give you innumerable artistic methods to elucidate away every failure of the prevailing mannequin.

Take into account, for instance, the preliminary guarantees of the vaccines (in the event you get two doses, you have been informed that you’d be utterly immune, transmission would cease, and COVID-19 would quickly fade into reminiscence). For the reason that medical trials for the vaccines have been fraudulent, not one of the vaccines’ guarantees materialized, and the COVID scenario as an alternative grew to become worse.

Nonetheless, as an alternative of healthcare authorities (and the medical neighborhood) admitting their mistake and switching to a special method for managing COVID-19, they doubled down on the vaccine mandates and moved the purpose posts again and again with reference to what mass-vaccination (and boosting) was truly supposed to perform.

Likewise, for mobile biology, our information of the cell is surprisingly primitive and the prevailing fashions typically fail to elucidate what happens inside the mobile setting. Nonetheless, because the different fashions will not be typically accepted by the scientific neighborhood, we have now been compelled to repeatedly patch the prevailing fashions in order that they will considerably account for the innumerable mysteries of life.

At this level, I consider one of many key causes of this example is scientific analysis changing into distorted to prioritize specializing in discoveries that business can revenue from.

For instance, immunology has a slim deal with the elements of the immune system which could be focused by vaccination or proprietary medicine, which in flip has left many different parts of the immune response uncared for (the immune system is often known as one of many least understood programs within the physique).

Equally, since pharmaceutical medicine typically work by affecting receptors and channels in cells, mobile biology has adopted a narrow-minded deal with simply these elements of a cell.

In flip, the liquid crystalline section of water gives a wide range of explanations for most of the organic phenomena that the prevailing fashions merely don’t adequately deal with. On this article, I’ll focus upon a couple of of them.

Notice: A lot of what’s mentioned on this article is roofed in additional element inside these three books (equally, nearly all of the references for this text are sourced from these books, so I can’t repetitively cite them all through the article). In case you want to additional examine the topic your self, I’d advocate studying these books (all authored by Gerald H. Pollack) on this order:

Mobile Integrity

One of many main puzzles of biology is the immense sturdiness that cells have. In case you contemplate the traditional mannequin — cells being luggage of liquid contained inside a fluid mosaic membrane, it ought to be easy for exterior forces to “pop” cells and have all of their contents spill out. But typically, cells preserve their integrity regardless of important stressors.

Cells can survive traumas, together with being guillotined in half, drawn and quartered (so particular parts could be remoted and labored with — corresponding to when performing in vitro fertilization), or shot filled with holes with electrical bullets, every of which one would anticipate could be ample to “pop” them. Nonetheless, in every occasion, mobile integrity of the remaining element persists.

Equally, if the membrane from a cell is eliminated, its inside contents stay in place somewhat than quickly dispersing. It has additionally been recognized for over 50 years that if muscle fibers lose their membranes, their practical skill (making a contractile pressure) stays intact.

Three clues assist to elucidate these phenomena. The primary is that — as Pollack has proven — water droplets have a outstanding quantity of integrity, and like cells, will preserve their integrity (and subsequently fuse again collectively) if a micro-blade is used to guillotine them in half. The second is that Pollack has additionally proven water droplets include a major diploma of liquid crystalline water which doubtless is what confers their integrity.

The third is that the water molecules in cells predominantly exist inside gels, that are composed of that very same liquid crystalline water. Put in a different way, which means that a cell’s stability is basically a property of its water holding it collectively somewhat than the exterior construction which encapsulates it.

One other vital side of mobile structure ought to now be thought-about. Because the situations for liquid crystalline water formation are current all through the cell (negatively charged hydrophilic surfaces and ambient infrared power), the cells ought to quickly be filling themselves with liquid crystalline water layers a whole bunch of micrometers in thickness.

But, all through the cells, the surfaces are sometimes solely fractions of a micrometer aside. Which means that the construction of the cell relies upon upon the continuous formation of liquid crystalline water, however concurrently constrains that crystalline construction from rising to its full measurement.


Classically in structure, buildings are created by having robust skeletons upon which the remainder of the construction rests. For instance, within the outdated days, we steadily used stone pillars; these days, skyscrapers require metal superstructures to satisfy the wants of those buildings:


This mannequin typically doesn’t work inside dwelling organisms, as a result of life, not like these buildings, requires speedy motion, and dwelling organisms merely can’t produce strong buildings with the identical energy as metal beams. Nonetheless, an alternate and extra advanced architectural mannequin has been developed which is steadily utilized by those that embrace complexity inside their fashions.

Tensegrity (quick for tensional integrity), was a mannequin first put ahead by Buckminster Fuller. It posits that if a sequence of non-compressible buildings are linked collectively by a lattice of elastic connections (which may retailer stress when stretched), a a lot stronger construction is created.

It is because any pressure the construction receives will likely be equally distributed by every of these elastic connections somewhat than concentrating on a single element (e.g., the stone pillar), and thus, a lot much less more likely to exceed the breaking level of any single structural element.

Fuller’s work subsequently impressed quite a few buildings to be constructed on the ideas of tensegrity. This can be a traditional image of him holding a tensegrity sphere he made:

tensegrity buckminster fuller

Biotensegrity encapsulates the belief that this similar system additionally happens all through nature. For the human physique, at every stage of group, a linked tensile matrix is current that confers its stability.

One French hand surgeon, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, has likewise completed a outstanding job of demonstrating the presence of linked tensile buildings on the stage of fascia (a connective tissue current all through the physique many handbook therapists work with), by small (magnified) cameras positioned within the physique throughout minimally invasive surgical procedures:

Notice: On the magnification scale used right here and in his different movies, liquid crystalline water could be instantly noticed coating these buildings. Additionally notice its lubricating high quality that permits the buildings to slip previous one another. Lack of this lubrication seems to create a wide range of points inside the physique.

Because the years go by, there seems to be a higher consensus inside the holistic medical area that biotensegrity is a sound mannequin for understanding the physique, and that linked networks of stress are current from the biggest to the smallest ranges of the physique (e.g., the cytoskeleton is the elastic connecting unit inside every cell). Nonetheless, whereas this idea is steadily mentioned, there are nonetheless two main unaddressed points with it, which I consider liquid crystalline water can clarify.

The primary is that in Guimberteau’s work, he had noticed that tiny vacuoles (enclosed compartments crammed with water) all through the physique kind the essential incompressible unit that a lot of the physique’s tensegrity relies upon upon.

The second is that at an excellent larger magnification inside cells, whereas a cytoskeleton is current that’s underneath stress, there may be nothing that may be seen which creates that stress (and it’s extremely debatable if the cell’s connections to the extracellular matrix suffice to create that stress). This issues as a result of the structural energy of a tensegrity system solely emerges when a construction’s parts are underneath stress.

Within the case of the previous, I consider that the microvacuoles are crammed with liquid crystalline water (which can’t be compressed). Within the case of water droplets, Pollack concluded that the mutual repulsion between positively charged protons (pushed to the middle of the droplet by sheets of H3O2) creates an outwards pressure resisted by the liquid crystalline boundary of the droplet.

The stability between these two forces ends in the droplet assuming a spherical kind, and I consider the identical mechanism is at work within the microvacuoles all through the human physique.

Within the case of the latter, you will need to bear in mind how a lot enlargement is produced by proteins that create gels (many gels are over 99.9% water). Pollack, in flip, has proven that the liquid crystalline water that’s continuously attempting to kind inside the cell is unable to achieve its full measurement as a consequence of proteins resisting the stretch that must happen have been the liquid crystalline gel to develop to its full measurement.

This occurs each on the stage of the cell (because the cytoskeleton stretches because the cell expands to its most measurement, till it can’t enable additional enlargement to happen) and inside proteins all through the cell.

On the protein stage, the physique typically depends upon chemical bonds to be made between proteins to constrain the utmost enlargement that may happen in response to a gel forming. Moreover, proteins can alternate between a folded and an unfolded conformation (e.g., a helix vs. a coil), one thing typically decided by the stress utilized to the protein (such because the expansive strain of liquid crystalline water inside a gel).

There are a number of significance penalties of this conformation change which will likely be mentioned later on this article (e.g., for the physiology of muscular tissues). Moreover, many different parts of the physique additionally seem to depend on liquid crystalline water:

“Finding out collagen, Melacini et al. famous the significance of water in stabilizing its triple helix crystalline construction. They discovered that water inside the collagen helix types a “semi-clathrate-like construction that surrounds and interconnects triple helices within the crystal lattice.”

Water inside the matrix of bone is likewise extremely structured, a structuring that has been discovered related not solely with natural macromolecules corresponding to collagen and proteoglycans, however with the mineral surfaces as nicely. Water, in truth, appears to play a foundational position in orienting mineral nanoparticles into parallel preparations inside the bone matrix, offering this orientation even within the absence of natural molecules.”

On a regular basis Gel Expansions

Many applied sciences we’re aware of (e.g., diapers) depend on hydrogels which may broaden right into a semisolid construction which retain water. Equally, we are able to instantly observe that many bigger processes inside the physique are additionally dependent upon water’s tendency to assemble into the bigger liquid crystalline buildings.

As a result of the traditional structure of protein’s cross-linking habits limits how a lot gels can broaden (because the proteins which would want to separate to accommodate the rising gel are prevented from doing so by cross hyperlinks between them), when tissue or protein is broken, this limitation could be partially eliminated. Because of this, it may be seen on a microscopic scale that human tissue will swell and broaden when it’s broken.

Likewise, Pollack has argued that that is almost certainly what occurs once you expertise a musculoskeletal trauma. In Pollack’s proposed mannequin, the preliminary gel formation additional expands the prevailing tear, and this progressive enlargement of liquid crystalline water finally results in seen swelling.

On a bigger scale, one of many main engineering challenges for the physique is having weight-bearing joints just like the knees be capable of preserve their vary of movement with out changing into broken by the continuous friction they expertise every day.

A outstanding attribute about liquid crystalline water is that, supplied the floor from which it types stays intact, liquid crystalline water could be destroyed after which reform, together with its virtually frictionless floor, over and over.

Due to this, the liquid crystalline water finally ends up being the element which absorbs the stress skilled by wholesome joints, and supplied the joint is wholesome, this water can immediately regenerate from that stress. At the side of this regenerating layer of negatively charged liquid crystalline water, on the very heart of the joint, there’s a pocket of positively charged protons which repel from one another and create an expansive strain (like what’s seen in a water droplet).

For the reason that joint capsule seals this area, these protons are unable to flee and thus successfully perform like repelling magnets (e.g., contemplate a maglev practice) that resist the load of the physique and preserve the central house inside the joint.

One of many issues I contemplate essentially the most compelling about Pollack’s mannequin for the joints is the particular high quality of synovial fluid contained in the knee joint. While you view it on a digital camera throughout an arthroscopic surgical procedure, diffusion inside it’s visibly slowed, whereas in the event you instantly extract it (e.g., throughout a knee aspiration), you’ll be able to inform that it has a a lot thicker and gelatinous high quality, one thing I’ve discovered to affiliate with the presence of liquid crystalline water.

Pollack likewise argues that his mannequin suggests EZ (liquid crystalline) water’s habits resembles that of a gelatinous egg white which is semisolid when left alone, but capable of circulate in response to an imposed shear pressure.

Mobile Gradients

Notice: A “gradient” describes a distinction within the focus of issues in two completely different areas. This might embody electrical costs (i.e. batteries rely on gradients), electrolytes, or temperatures — and plenty of gradients present an simply harvestable supply of power.

The present paradigm of physics asserts the next:

  • The pure state of issues is to be disordered and evenly blended.
  • Anytime you make one thing turn out to be extra ordered (e.g., forming a crystal or making a gradient between two areas), power have to be expended to create that ordering.
  • When an ordered construction turns into disordered, power is launched within the course of which may typically be harvested (e.g., combusting wooden in a wooden range to warmth our houses).
  • Anytime power is launched from one thing, in the event you try and seize and retailer that power, some power will at all times be misplaced.

These legal guidelines, in flip, are used to refute the chance that any kind of “free-energy” system can exist, such because the exclusion zone (EZ) water system Pollack has proposed the place quite a few harvestable gradients are created. Sadly for the prevailing paradigm, biology typically seems to violate these legal guidelines, as it’s frequently transferring in direction of a extra ordered state somewhat than the disordered state the present paradigm predicts.

The present decision for this paradox (which gained a Nobel prize) is that dwelling organisms perform as “dissipative buildings,” which trade the order in giant quantities of ordered parts they accumulate from their setting in return for imparting order to their very own disordered contents.

Though to some extent this permits the prevailing paradigm to maintain itself, I don’t consider it’s completely correct as water, by its liquid crystalline construction, has the flexibility to retailer radiant power that passes by it and convert that power to order the physique can then make the most of.

The Sodium Potassium Gradient

One of many issues dwelling cells are well-known for doing is concentrating potassium inside themselves and reciprocally expelling sodium. For the reason that focus inside and outdoors cells differs, a gradient exists, which, by the prevailing legal guidelines of physics ought to attempt to equalize itself and quickly disappear.

Since this doesn’t occur, the prevailing mannequin has argued that the mobile membrane prevents the passage of most however not all sodium and potassium (thereby inhibiting the gradient from equalizing itself) and that sodium potassium pumps on the mobile membrane exist which continuous swap sodium contained in the cell for potassium outdoors the cell.

As a result of this trade is so important to sustaining the well being of the cell, a big focus in mobile biology is positioned on the significance of the sodium potassium trade pump. Sadly, there are three basic issues with this mannequin (the proof of every of those and extra is offered by Gilbert Ling right here):

  • The maths doesn’t add up — the prevailing sodium potassium pumps merely would not have the capability to counteract the pure undoing of the sodium and potassium gradients. For instance, in muscle cells, sustaining the sodium potassium gradient with pumps requires between 4 to 30 occasions the whole out there power within the cell.
  • Cells are capable of preserve a gradient with a wide range of different undesirable parts they expel (e.g., micro organism expelling antibiotics) and to elucidate these phenomena, an increasing number of pumps are recognized to attempt to help the mannequin. This can be a drawback as a result of it’s unlikely that cells have the capability to concurrently maintain so many alternative pumps.
  • Ling took frog muscle cells whose setting was altered in order that they have been utterly starved of power (which is required to function the sodium potassium pump). Regardless of this, the gradient was maintained.

This then begs the query of what might be creating this gradient? Ling made the next observations:

  • The gradient was maintained if the cell membrane (the place these pumps reside) was eliminated.
  • Producing a membrane with sodium potassium pumps that didn’t include a cytoplasm (the within of a cell) resulted within the gradient quickly disappearing from with the membrane.

This implies that the gradient is a property of the cell cytoplasm somewhat than the mobile membrane. Curiously, the an identical property has been present in synthetic gels, which just like the cytoplasm, additionally generate giant quantities of liquid crystalline water:

“We present that the gel barrier is ready to preserve a secure separation of ionic options of various ionic strengths and chemical compositions with none pumping exercise. For the Na+ /Ok+ focus gradient sustained throughout the barrier, a detrimental electrical potential develops inside the Ok+ -rich facet. The scenario is paying homage to that within the cell.

Moreover, additionally the advective circulate of water molecules throughout the gel barrier is restricted, regardless of the gel’s giant pores and the osmotic or hydrostatic strain gradients throughout it.”

This focus phenomenon has additionally been noticed by different authors:

“Proof for such accumulative condensation was produced virtually a century in the past when Bungenberg de Jong in 1932 confirmed that even dilute options of polymers, when shaken, coalesced into droplets-then referred to as coascervates-in which the natural matter grew to become extremely concentrated. The polymer focus in such droplets might exceed the focus within the surrounding bathtub by as a lot as 10,000 occasions.

When positioned in sure dyes, the droplets grew to become progressively extra coloured, the depth typically many occasions exceeding that of the encircling answer. Thus, gel droplets had the capability to pay attention sure solutes, because the cell concentrates potassium.”

Since gels independently display most of the inexplicable traits of cells, it’s thus affordable to conclude they may share a mechanism for producing the sodium potassium gradient noticed all through biology.


One main problem for all cells is retaining undesirable issues out. Classically, we view the method of pathogenic substances coming into cells as being a product of their interplay with matching receptors on the cells (a world view which I consider is emphasised by medical science as a result of medicine could be developed to disrupt this course of). I, in flip, consider that this exclusion course of by the cell is closely influenced by present costs, zeta potential and liquid crystalline water.

As a result of liquid crystalline water can for essentially the most half solely kind on negatively charged surfaces (the identical manner that water molecules every expel half a hydrogen atom and thereby maintain a web detrimental cost as a result of misplaced hydrogens), virtually each floor within the physique (and plenty of different pure programs) is coated with a detrimental cost.

Since colloidal stability (which governs the habits of most fluid programs) largely relies upon upon the mutual repulsion created by an identical costs, most pure colloidal programs make the most of detrimental costs to stay dispersed and solely clump collectively if extreme optimistic costs are current (likewise most strategies of restoring zeta potential function on this precept).

Pathogenic organisms typically impart optimistic costs to their setting (corresponding to by micro organism decarboxylating the detrimental costs of amino acids inside proteins). This causes proteins and cells contained in the physique to start clumping collectively (the malaria parasite is especially good at doing this), which each prevents the immune system from getting access to the microbes and will increase the microbe’s skill to realize entry to the cells.

One of many notably fascinating observations made by the unique proponent of physiologic zeta potential was that bacterial and viral infections (I consider this was essentially the most studied with influenza) would create a constant degradation of the physiologic zeta potential. This gives a proof for why viruses like influenza could be a lot extra harmful for the aged.

Somebody with a wholesome zeta potential can tolerate a minor impairment of their colloidal stability (they are going to simply really feel a bit unwell), however for somebody who already has an impaired zeta potential (which is a quite common consequence of ageing), that discount could be ample to go a crucial threshold the place extreme sickness onsets.

One of many earliest distinguishing traits of COVID-19 to me was that many sufferers developed medical indicators suggesting extreme zeta potential disruption, one thing I had not seen with another respiratory virus. A key purpose I used to be involved concerning the spike protein lengthy earlier than the vaccines entered the market, was as a result of I had recognized it because the doubtless perpetrator for this zeta potential disruption.

This was as a consequence of it being a novel element of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (it differed from that of SARS-CoV-1) that was current on the floor of the virus and which had an unusually excessive optimistic cost density. It has since been proven that the spike protein instantly induces clumping of purple blood cells, doubtless as a consequence of its cost distribution having the potential to create a major disruption of physiologic zeta potential.

One of many fascinating feedback I’ve repeatedly seen said by each people who’ve taken protocols to enhance their physique’s manufacturing of liquid crystalline water and people who’ve completed the identical for enhancing their zeta potential, is that they not often get sick.

This might doubtlessly imply both that the signs of infections are far more minor if these physiologic parameters are already in good well being (e.g., because you don’t go a crucial zeta potential threshold), or as a result of they instantly forestall cells from changing into contaminated by pathogens.

As many elements which positively have an effect on one of many parameters typically have an effect on the opposite (e.g., earthing improves zeta potential and promotes the expansion of liquid crystalline water within the physique), it’s a bit exhausting to say which impact in the end predominates, and an ideal deal of my analysis on this subject was based mostly on attempting to reply that query.

Notice: The strategies of restoring zeta potential and rising liquid crystalline water inside the physique are mentioned additional right here.

On this article, we assessment a number of the proof supporting that barrier speculation. The earliest I got here throughout was from the work of Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958), who believed it was critically vital for water to journey in a vortexing sample, one thing as mentioned within the earlier a part of this sequence, has been proven to extend the presence of liquid crystalline water.

One of many many discoveries made by using vortexing programs based mostly on his design for water provides was that it lowered the expansion of micro organism inside the water system (e.g., on the within of pipes).

Different analysis has instantly discovered that the presence of liquid crystalline water prevents the expansion and invasion of micro organism, corresponding to this examine:

“In a check carried out with E. coli, cells progressively penetrated EZ [liquid crystalline water] over 2 days. Moreover, EZ-bearing Nafion had 80% much less biomass accumulation of E. coli over 2 days in comparison with an EZ-less, hydrophilic, clean aluminum oxide floor. This implies that EZ might signify the primary line of protection, spatially and temporally, in opposition to micro organism approaching sure hydrophilic surfaces.

These findings might have vital implications in growing biofouling-resistant materials surfaces for functions delicate to bacterial attachment and biofilm formation.”

And this examine:

“Silk sericin is a globular protein whose resistance in opposition to fouling is vital for functions in biomaterials and water-purification membranes. Right here it’s proven how sericin generates a water-exclusion [liquid crystalline] zone that will facilitate antifouling habits. Negatively charged microspheres have been used to imitate the floor cost and hydrophobic domains in micro organism.

Immersed in water, sericin shaped a 100-µm-sized exclusion zone (for micron-size foulants), together with a proton gradient with a lower of >2 pH-units. Thus, when involved with sericin, water molecules close to the floor restructure to kind a bodily exclusionary barrier which may forestall biofouling.

The decreased pH turns the aqueous medium unviable for neutrophilic micro organism. Subsequently, resistance to biofouling appears explainable, amongst different elements, on the premise of water-exclusionary phenomena.”

Many tissues rely upon the presence of liquid crystalline water lining them, and that is doubtless no less than partly, as a result of protecting barrier they create. Inexperienced and Otori in 1970, for instance, discovered exclusion zones roughly 350 μm deep extending from the cornea, and in addition from contact lenses (it’s vital to guard the attention from harm, and liquid crystalline water capabilities as a clear, well-lubricated barrier, qualities each crucial for the eyes).

Pollack, roughly 15 years in the past, additionally discovered an identical outcomes (the presence of liquid crystalline water) subsequent to polyNIPAM, the gel used to manufacture contact lenses.

Some of the vital tissues within the physique for offering a protecting (however well-lubricated layer) is on the endothelial lining of the blood vessels. There, giant quantities of blood creating important shear forces continuously go over the blood vessels. Up to now, Malcom Kendrick has famous that the areas of circulation which expertise the best shear forces are the almost certainly to develop the power harm which finally results in coronary heart illness.

The protecting coating of the endothelium, the glycocalyx, is structured (as a consequence of its excessive sulfate content material) to create giant quantities of gel (liquid crystalline water) round it and thus defend the endothelium. Moreover, a skinny layer that blood cells can’t enter is thought to instantly line the partitions of even the smallest blood vessels.

Equally, researchers in 2000 noticed a 0.4-0.5μm thick gelled layer of water lining the endothelium of wholesome capillaries (the smallest blood vessels within the physique), and this lining excludes a wide range of completely different substances from reaching the endothelium.

Formally, the vaccine spike protein can’t have an effect on the endothelium as a result of it lacks a practical ACE2 binding area (whereas the COVID-19 virus has a practical one by which it then enters the cell).

Though that is the case, there are many different methods that the spike protein can nonetheless connect to the endothelium (e.g., the spike protein can nonetheless connect to the receptor, it instantly binds heparin within the glyocalyx, and whether it is produced from contained in the endothelium by the vaccine, it has successfully entered the endothelium).

Since autopsies of people suspected to have died as a consequence of vaccination have revealed profound harm to the endothelial layer, this gives robust proof that the spike protein in a technique or one other has the flexibility to penetrate the usually protecting barrier there.

Many have suspected that that is partly as a result of extremely optimistic cost that the spike protein (and the typically positively charged parts of the lipid nanoparticles) carries, as these optimistic costs can penetrate the liquid crystalline water barrier defending cells just like the endothelium.

I consider it could even be as a result of spike protein’s disruption of zeta potential, as different states related to elevated blood viscosity (e.g., uncontrolled diabetes) are recognized to harm the endothelium and speed up the development to heart problems.

Section Transitions

Though liquid crystalline water is important for all times, an excessive amount of of it may also be problematic. For instance, if the complete cell was coated with gel-state water, it might not be attainable for a lot of issues that wanted to enter the cell to enter.

To unravel this drawback, areas of optimistic cost exist within the membrane (e.g., Pollack argues that it is a key purpose for the location of steel ions inside the cell membrane), which forestall liquid crystalline water from forming over the realm and thus create an open passage for water to journey by.

Notice: Though we’re taught to think about the cell as a fluid mosaic of phospholipids with proteins right here and there, roughly 50% of the cell membrane is usually composed of proteins (and it might typically be much more).

Normally, nevertheless, the physique depends upon having the ability to rework water between its gel (liquid crystalline) state and a sol (bulk water containing colloidal suspensions) state as wanted. Nonetheless, whereas recognition of the elemental significance of section adjustments in mobile biology has steadily elevated during the last 70 years, nearly all of the scientific area continues to be wedded to the fluid mosaic speculation, which believes that the mobile membrane is at all times a liquid.

Briefly, gels (each pure and artificial ones) usually have a temperature (its transition level) the place the gel will bear a speedy transition from one state to the opposite (defined additional right here). So far as I do know, in all circumstances, the warmer temperature will correspond to the sol state (H2O water with suspended colloids) and the colder one will correspond to the gel state (H3O2). Moreover, elevated strain may even promote the gel state:

“Organic exercise virtually universally requires that membranes be of their fluid state; in lots of circumstances, simply above the transition level.”

Gels all through the physique, in flip, are designed to have a section transition level close to the traditional temperature of the physique. This will likely clarify why most mammals and birds preserve their temperature between 35°– 42°C (95°– 107.6°F; the traditional temperature for people is 37°C or 98.6°F), an in any other case curious reality given how a lot their our bodies and environments differ (e.g., a tiny fowl within the desert vs. a blue whale).

Moreover, this temperature extends past warm-blooded animals. A tuna fish, when lively, maintains the temperature of its physique at 30°C or 86°F (the ocean is way colder) whereas many reptiles preserve their physique temperature close to 40°C or 104°F (by doing issues like in search of out the solar). Many bugs additionally can’t fly till they’ve warmed as much as an analogous vary of temperature (e.g., 38°C or 100.4°F for bumblebees).

Equally, the section transition level is closely influenced by the supplies that the gel builds from (e.g., parts of the cell membrane). Chilly-blooded animals in flip have been noticed to vary the composition of their cell membranes in response to their setting.

In a single experiment, Calotes versicolor (the widespread backyard lizard), have been acclimatized to 16°, 26°, and 36°C (60.8°, 78.8°, and 96.8°F) for a interval of thirty days. The lizards exhibited dramatic adjustments within the focus of main phospholipids (parts of the cell membrane) corresponding to phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol, cardiolipin, and sphingomyelin.

Temperature acclimatization has additionally been noticed to fluctuate the lipid composition of carp muscle microsomes together with carp blood cells, and seasonal variation has been noticed within the lipid composition of brains of rainbow trout.

As soon as the gel is held close to its transition temperature, it’s then relative simple to vary precisely the place that transition temperature is so water could be stored within the acceptable section for the present physiologic wants. That is primarily completed inside the physique by altering the electrolyte composition of the realm, as robust cations (positively charged ions) destroy gels, whereas robust anions (negatively charged ions) reinforce them.

So far as I can inform, the results of those ions correlate to the excessive valence (cost) anions (-) that almost all successfully help physiologic zeta potential and people excessive valence cations (+) which most successfully destroy it.

The first cation ingredient which the physique makes use of to shift the transition temperature in an effort to destroy gels is calcium (Ca). As an instance the impact of calcium graphically (notice how a sudden crucial threshold of Ca focus is reached):

figure 1

These outcomes additionally confirmed how the upper valence cations, Ca2+, trigger smaller gels to kind relative to low valence cations Na(1)+.

valence cations

As soon as you place all of this collectively, you successfully get a scenario like this inside the cells which permits small secretions of calcium there to shift its water from a fluid to a gel state.

fraction of fluid state

Conversely, if the physique can disperse the gels, it additionally wants a technique to recreate them. The first robust (excessive valence) anion it makes use of to construct them are the phosphates in adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Once we contemplate this different perform of ATP, we must always contemplate a number of the concepts first proposed by Ling (see 8.4 on web page 178). They counsel that a lot of the power obtained from ATP arises not from the power inside its bonds being damaged, however somewhat from it inducing water to kind a liquid crystalline construction. In essence, a lot of the power generated from ATP in the end arises from the radiant power which triggers these polymerizations (gels).

Section transitions are quite common in mobile biology, and whereas the sector doesn’t place a heavy emphasis on their significance, Pollack’s central argument in his first two books is that section transitions are essential to elucidate many capabilities of the cell.

Notice: After I later mentioned my articles with Pollack, he knowledgeable me that the principle oversight along with his earlier analysis was that that they didn’t but know that the gels have been negatively charged, which in flip explains a wide range of the results they create (e.g., {the electrical} impulse of nerves).

Increasing Gels

One of many major makes use of for gels inside the physique is from them to quickly broaden and create results from that enlargement. For instance, cells steadily excrete small spheres (referred to as vesicles) containing vital parts, which upon exiting the cell quickly broaden. Remoted mucin-producing vessels for instance bear a 600 fold enlargement in 40 milliseconds.

Previous to exiting the cell, the interior parts of the vesicle are cross linked collectively by Ca2+ (bear in mind, larger valence cations, by crosslinking gel proteins, will restrict gel formation whereas monovalent cations like sodium as an alternative are inclined to broaden them).

As soon as secreted from the cell, Ca2+ is eliminated and the gel quickly hydrates within the Na(1)+ answer surrounding every cell. Conversely, gels is not going to quickly broaden in distilled water, and it has been noticed that liquid crystalline water’s formation can also be diminished inside deionized water.

Notice: Some vesicles make the most of native environmental elements to vary their section. For instance, histamine is a monovalent cation (cost of +1) at a impartial pH, however turns into a divalent cation (cost of +2) in an acidic pH. Researchers have been capable of present that histamine in an acidic setting (as a consequence of its excessive valence state), causes shrinking of mast cell granules, whereas histamine in a impartial setting permits their enlargement.

Muscle Physiology

Most of the commonest issues for which sufferers search out physicians originate from the muscular tissues. Due to this, I’ve checked out numerous alternative ways to deal with these points. In flip, I’ve discovered fairly a couple of that persistently work however I can’t clarify why as the prevailing mannequin of muscle physiology can’t present a proof.

One of many main issues with drugs (and sometimes science) is what I time period the “mechanistic lure.” Briefly it signifies that if there may be not a mechanism to elucidate why one thing works, then it’s assumed to be a hoax and thought to not truly work. I believe this compulsive want for a mannequin is sort of silly, particularly since most of the fashions we make the most of to elucidate why medicine work, don’t truly make sense.

Equally, there are numerous circumstances of a beforehand accepted mannequin for a drug’s mechanism that was discarded and changed with one other, and I do know of many extra examples the place an unorthodox mannequin seems to supply a significantly better clarification for the mechanism of a remedy.

Notice: This additionally holds true for a lot of different non-drug therapies.

Sadly, it’s almost not possible to have the FDA (or many conventionally educated physicians) be open to contemplating a remedy for analysis except a biochemical mechanism for it’s proposed. I consider it is a reflection of the actual fact pharmaceutical medicine, as they’re designed to focus on sure enzymes within the physique, match into our inflexible mechanistic paradigm, whereas therapies with a broad spectrum of motion can’t be linked to a selected biochemical receptor nor as simply profited from.

Given all of this, I used to be overjoyed to find by Pollack that many elements of the prevailing mannequin for muscle physiology don’t make sense, and the anticipated outcomes of the mannequin don’t happen when rigorous experiments on muscular tissues are carried out:

Nonetheless, an alternate mannequin for muscle physiology additionally exists. As we contemplate it, we must always remember the fact that muscular tissues are acknowledged to solely be able to contracting. Within the cases the place one thing within the physique wants to elongate, that is achieved by having a muscle in the fitting place shorten, and as a consequence of its place, create a lengthening someplace else by doing so (e.g., the triceps within the arm).


From Pollack’s work, I spotted that whereas muscular tissues can solely create pressure throughout a contraction, that is truly a results of the actual fact their parts can solely forcefully lengthen.

Pollack’s mannequin relies on the statement that relaxed muscular tissues include a considerable amount of structured water, whereas contracting muscular tissues primarily include water not in a semisolid gel state. Since it’s recognized that muscle firing follows the nerve sign directing calcium (Ca2+) ions to enter the muscle, this implies a calcium induced section change might underlie the method.

Conversely, additionally it is recognized (from the experiment beforehand described within the gradient part) that whereas muscle cells which have been lower open can retain their potassium to sodium gradient whereas in a salt answer, the elements that lack ATP are unable to.

This implies that ATP is important for the liquid crystalline state of water to be current, because it excludes sodium ions from coming into the muscle cells. Equally, additionally it is recognized that with out ATP, muscular tissues will stay caught within the contracted kind and be unable to elongate, one thing that happens shortly after demise (termed “rigor mortis”).

Notice: One of many compelling anecdotal tales I’ve heard over time is that when severely vaccine-injured youngsters die (e.g., these with lifelong debilitating autism) rigor mortis units in a lot quicker for them. Those that noticed this prompt that these youngsters had a power power deficit, and their our bodies have been struggling to make sufficient ATP to get by. I believe that is very attainable, but it surely may be indicative of poor zeta potential.

I think this may also be seen with different power debilitating sicknesses, however I’ve not interacted with the individuals who would have noticed if it did in truth happen.

Pollack additionally noticed that muscle adjustments in response to environmental elements adopted a well-recognized crucial threshold being handed. This additionally appeared to counsel to Pollack {that a} section change was occurring inside the muscular tissues.

pollacks model

So what’s Pollack’s mannequin? The muscular tissues fibers are designed to kind giant gels round them, and as liquid crystalline water inside them expands, it stretches the uncoiled proteins within the fibers into helixes (till protein cross hyperlinks forestall additional stretching). When the muscle must contract, calcium ions enter the muscle, eliminating the gels, and the proteins not being lengthened elastically snap again to their unique uncoiled configuration.

To ensure that the gel to rebuild, ATP is required to interrupt the cross hyperlinks created by calcium and thereby set off a section shift that reconstructs the gel.

Thus, the energy of a muscle is a product of the potential power created by liquid crystalline water’s storage of radiant power being launched. Or put in a different way, the energy of muscular tissues truly lies of their skill to spontaneously lengthen and explains why many efficient muscular therapies I’ve come throughout work.

Giant mechanical shear causes the cytoskeleton matrix [another key structure that expands and contracts in response to phase changes] to fluidize, a phenomenon just like bodily rejuvenation in SGM’s [certain synthetic materials]. This fluidization is adopted by a gradual scale- free restoration of mechanical properties, a phenomenon just like bodily ageing in SGMs.

Surprisingly in response to a transient stretch, the cytoskeleton fluidizes in a sample that’s common for various cell sorts. This discovering implicates mechanisms mediated not a lot by particular signaling pathways, as it’s often assumed, however somewhat – as we clarify beneath – by non-specific actions of bodily forces.

Many different buildings even have the flexibility for his or her inside gels to trigger enlargement and contraction, however not like skeletal muscular tissues, typically, this enlargement and contraction isn’t as tightly constrained as what’s noticed inside the closely cross-linked skeletal muscular tissues.

Easy muscular tissues, in addition to contractile rings, artificial actin gels (actin is among the commonest contractile proteins within the physique), and different organelles with few covalent cross hyperlinks and semi-random buildings are different examples of locations the place the physique makes use of this precept to maintain life.

Lastly, it has additionally been noticed that altering the encircling concentrations of salinity round different fibers (e.g., collagen) could cause them to broaden and contract to the purpose they will generate a pressure yielding contraction just like that of a muscle fiber.


There have been a couple of central questions I’ve sought to handle in my exploration of liquid crystalline water. On this sequence, I sought a mechanism to elucidate the statement in quite a few conventional medical programs that an inherent expansive pressure exists all through the physique which performs a key position in offering its vitality and that when this expansive pressure is compromised, a wide range of ailments set in.

I agree with this perception and have seen quite a few cases the place it grew to become attainable to acknowledge the place that life sustaining enlargement had been changed with a good compacted house, and likewise seen strategies that sought to revive that enlargement additionally restore a affected person’s vitality.

Conversely, I consider the lack of mobility and sturdiness that accompanies ageing (and one of many greatest considerations to elder sufferers) is instantly associated to the lack of liquid crystalline water we usually expertise with age.

On this article, I’ve tried for instance the structural results of liquid crystalline water inside the physique, and it’s my hope that by doing so, I’ve supplied a mechanism to elucidate the place that expansive pressure originates from. Within the subsequent a part of this sequence, I clarify how water’s liquid crystalline state creates a gradient that may be harvested for power and creates the circulation life relies upon upon.

Within the article after that, I did my greatest to elucidate the intertwined relationship between liquid crystalline water and zeta potential, and within the last a part of this sequence I mentioned the strategies I’ve come throughout which seem to revive both.

Every of those matters is sort of advanced (e.g., this text was a synthesis of quite a few books and articles), however for my part nonetheless essential to dive into for unravelling the mysteries of life. In flip, it’s my honest hope the widespread awakening that has occurred in our society because of COVID-19 can rekindle curiosity to discover unconventional topics like this.

I thank every of you for the eye you gave in attempting to understanding this comparatively advanced subject which is close to and expensive to my coronary heart. I sincerely hope that you can also undertake a few of its implications into your every day life.

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