Home Yoga Pushpaputa Mudra: Which means, Advantages and Steps to Carry out

Pushpaputa Mudra: Which means, Advantages and Steps to Carry out

Pushpaputa Mudra: Which means, Advantages and Steps to Carry out


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Pushpaputa Mudra is a symbolic hand gesture with origins in yoga, dance, and non secular practices. Its identify interprets to “handful of flowers supplied to God,” symbolizing a gesture of openness and acceptance. In varied traditions, this mudra is related to the act of providing or giving, just like presenting a stupendous bouquet of flowers.

It’s utilized in yoga asanas, meditation, and dance performances, the place it carries non secular and ritualistic significance. The mudra’s use can improve focus, self-confidence, and reminiscence whereas selling mindfulness and meditation. In Indian classical dance types like Bharatanatyam, Pushpaputa Mudra is a crucial part, conveying feelings and tales by way of its hand gesture.

Which means & Tradition Significance

Pushpaputa Mudra is a symbolic hand gesture with cultural significance in varied traditions, significantly within the context of Hinduism and Indian classical dance. Right here’s its which means and cultural significance.

Which means

Providing and Acceptance: Pushpaputa Mudra, derived from the Sanskrit phrases “Pushpa” (flowers) and “Puta” (providing), symbolizes the act of providing a handful of flowers to the divine. It signifies an open coronary heart and a willingness to make choices to the gods or deities as a gesture of devotion and acceptance of divine blessings.

Cultural Significance

In Hinduism, Pushpaputa Mudra symbolizes openness of the thoughts and soul. The gesture is a approach of providing with an open coronary heart and accepting blessings. It’s typically utilized in rituals as an act of devotion, the place flowers are supplied to deities as a logo of respect and reverence for the divine. It signifies the acceptance of divine grace and blessings.

Pushpaputa Mudra can be related to Buddhism, the place it represents the act of giving and providing. It symbolizes generosity and the willingness to share one’s blessings with others. In Buddhist meditation, it fosters a way of abundance and a giving mindset, selling selflessness and open-heartedness.

Pushpaputa Mudra is an integral a part of Bharatanatyam, a classical Indian dance kind. Dancers use this mudra to depict providing and acceptance, which provides depth and emotional resonance to their performances. It will possibly additionally symbolize the waving of lights as choices to gods throughout dance performances.

The way to Do Pushpaputa Mudra

  • Sit in a cushty meditation posture along with your backbone erect.
  • Carry your arms collectively in entrance of your chest, with the little fingers touching one another. The remainder of your fingers needs to be prolonged and barely aside, making a cupped form along with your arms.
  • The palms of your arms needs to be dealing with upward, and your arms needs to be barely hole, resembling a bowl or a handful of flowers.
  • Shut your eyes and take just a few deep breaths, specializing in the gesture of providing and acceptance that this mudra symbolizes.
  • You possibly can maintain this mudra for so long as you want throughout your meditation or yoga observe, permitting it to domesticate a way of openness and a willingness to make choices to the divine.
  • Slowly blink your eyes open to finish the mudra observe.

Time & Period

The really useful period for training Pushpaputa Mudra is usually 15 to 45 minutes each day. You might have the pliability to finish this observe in a single steady session or break it into two separate classes, every lasting about 15 to twenty minutes. It’s essential to discover a period that fits your private consolation and wishes.

Mudras like Pushpaputa will be built-in into your morning meditation to boost their advantages. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep up consistency in your observe to expertise the potential results of this hand gesture.


Affirmations can improve your expertise whereas training Pushpaputa Mudra, a gesture of openness and acceptance. Right here’s an affirmation that aligns with the symbolism of this mudra.

“I’m open to the wonder and abundance of life. My coronary heart is receptive, and I supply love and gratitude to the universe. Like a handful of flowers, I lengthen my kindness and positivity to others.”

This affirmation enhances the concept of Pushpaputa Mudra, which symbolizes providing and an open coronary heart. You possibly can repeat this affirmation silently or aloud throughout your observe to strengthen the sense of openness, acceptance, and giving related to this gesture. Affirmations will help focus your intention and deepen your connection to the mudra’s which means.

Pushpaputa Mudra Advantages

1. Openness and Acceptance

Pushpaputa Mudra is a gesture of providing with an open coronary heart and acceptance of what comes your approach. It promotes a mindset of receptivity and welcoming, which will be useful for psychological well-being.

2. Non secular Connection

Within the context of yoga and meditation, Pushpaputa Mudra is related to providing oneself like a handful of flowers to the divine. It will possibly assist people join with their non secular or internal selves.

3. Psychological Calmness

The observe of this mudra can induce a way of calmness and tranquility. It encourages people to let go of resistance and be extra at peace with their ideas and emotions.

4. Gesture of Giving

It’s typically considered a gesture of giving, which generally is a reminder of the worth of generosity and kindness in a single’s life. This will have optimistic results on one’s relationships and interactions with others.

5. Delicate Energetic Results

Whereas the bodily effort required is minimal, the energetic affect will be substantial. Pushpaputa Mudra is believed to launch pent-up energies, selling a way of launch and freedom


Pushpaputa Mudra observe can result in a deeper non secular connection, larger psychological calmness, and a profound sense of openness and acceptance. This symbolic hand gesture, originating from yoga, dance, and non secular traditions, invitations you to supply your self, like a handful of flowers, to the divine.

As you sit in a cushty meditation posture, cup your arms collectively, and let the vitality of this gesture stream, you’ll discover a pathway to internal peace and self-discovery. Whether or not you’re drawn to its significance in Hinduism, Buddhism, or Indian classical dance, the common message stays considered one of giving, openness, and receiving blessings.

So, start your journey with Pushpaputa Mudra right this moment, and let it infuse your life with the wonder and abundance it signifies. Embrace the ability of this gesture, and watch because it transforms your connection to the non secular realm and your internal self.

Open your coronary heart and supply your intentions, similar to a handful of flowers, and uncover the boundless blessings that await you on this sacred path.



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