Home Yoga Mukula Mudra (Beak Hand Gesture): That means, Advantages and Steps to Carry out

Mukula Mudra (Beak Hand Gesture): That means, Advantages and Steps to Carry out

Mukula Mudra (Beak Hand Gesture): That means, Advantages and Steps to Carry out


Mukula Mudra(samana mudra) Meaning, Benefits

Mukula Mudra, additionally known as the “Beak Hand Gesture,” is a therapeutic hand mudra generally utilized in yoga and Ayurveda. This mudra is deeply linked to Ayurvedic ideas, particularly the stability of doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Mukula Mudra is carried out by bringing the thumb and fingers collectively to kind a beak-like form, symbolizing its identify. Its apply facilitates the alignment and harmonization of those doshas, fostering total well-being.

The three doshas; Vata, Pitta and Kapha are important elements of Ayurveda, influencing well being and vitality. When these doshas are imbalanced, it can lead to numerous bodily and psychological points. Mukula Mudra, with its distinctive hand gesture, goals to revive stability amongst these doshas by directing the physique’s power stream.

That means

Mukula Mudra derives its identify from Sanskrit phrase “Mukula” interprets to “bud,” and “Mudra” signifies “gesture” or “seal.” Due to this fact, the which means of Mukula Mudra might be understood because the “Bud Gesture” or the “Gesture of a Bud.”

On this mudra, the fingers of the hand are joined collectively at tricks to create a beak-like form, harking back to the bud of a flower or a chook’s beak. The symbolism of a bud in Mukula Mudra signifies the potential for progress, awakening, and transformation. It embodies the idea of one thing closed or hidden, very similar to a bud, holding the promise of blossoming into its full potential.

Mukula Meanings within the Viniyoga Shloka

कुमुदे भोजने पञ्चबाणे मुद्रादिधरणे नाभौ च कदलिपुष्पे युज्यते मुकुलः करः ||

Kumude bhujane panchabane mudradidharane Nabhau cha kadalipushpe yujyate mukulah karah

  • Kumude: Referring to a lily flower, this interpretation aligns with the thought of Mukula representing the bud or blossoming of a flower, signifying progress and awakening.
  • Bhojane: This time period suggests “consuming.” Whereas it won’t be instantly evident the way it pertains to Mukula Mudra, it might symbolize the nurturing and sustenance of 1’s internal progress, akin to the nourishment of a bud right into a flower.
  • Panchabane: The reference to “5 arrows” within the context of Manmada (cupid) might symbolize the thought of affection and attraction, maybe implying that Mukula Mudra has significance in relationships and emotional well-being.
  • Mudradidharane: “Holding the Signet” might signify the significance of Mukula Mudra as a symbolic seal or gesture in numerous practices, resembling yoga and meditation.
  • Nabhao: Mentioning “Navel” might indicate that Mukula Mudra has a connection to the power middle across the navel area, which is important in numerous religious and energetic traditions.
  • Kadalipushpe: The “Plantain Flower” may relate to the thought of blossoming and progress, just like a bud, emphasizing Mukula Mudra’s position in private transformation and awakening.

Synonyms and Variations

Mukula Mudra is thought by completely different names in numerous traditions and contexts. It’s important to acknowledge these synonyms to grasp its wide-ranging purposes.

Samana Mudra

Samana Vayu

In sure practices, Mukula Mudra goes by the identify Samana Mudra.

Performing Samana Mudra can be believed to stability the digestive system. Samana Mudra, which resembles a bud and is usually known as Mukula Mudra (the place “mukula” is Sanskrit for “bud”), holds a major place in yogic practices.

This mudra aligns with the idea of Samana Vayu, one of many 5 very important life forces or prana vayus in yoga. Samana Vayu performs a pivotal position within the digestion and nourishment of the physique, making this mudra a necessary component in selling wholesome digestion and total well-being.

Shukri Mudra

Shukri Mudra is one other identify attributed to Mukula Mudra, revealing its presence and significance in distinct cultural and conventional settings.

Tridosha Naashak Mudra

Mukula Mudra can be acknowledged as Tridosha Naashak Mudra in some contexts, as it’s believed to contribute to the stability of the three Doshas: Kapha, Vata, and Pitta, inside the physique.

Beak Hand Mudra

With its most typical designation because the Beak Hand Mudra, the gesture’s resemblance to a chook’s beak is clear and serves as a reference level for practitioners and fanatics.

Exploring these synonyms sheds gentle on the varied interpretations and purposes of Mukula Mudra, enriching its cultural and religious significance.

Tips on how to Observe Mukula Mudra?

Mukula Mudra might be practiced in any comfy posture, together with sitting, standing, or mendacity down. Nonetheless, for optimum outcomes and enhanced focus, it’s advisable to apply it in a cushty meditative posture.

How to do Mukula Mudra
  • Start by sitting in a cushty meditative posture, resembling Padmasana or Swastikasana.
  • Direct your full consciousness to your breath as you sit on this place.
  • Place your palms in your knees along with your palms going through upward in the direction of the sky.
  • In each palms, be part of all of your fingers and join your thumb-tips with them, making certain that your thumbs contact the fingertips of all of the fingers.
  • Maintain the remaining fingers comfortably bent, and be light with your self all through the apply.
  • You may place your palms in order that your left hand is barely above the navel, and the fitting hand is under it. They need to be overlaying one another with their palms with out touching, creating a way of the left hand pouring power into the fitting.
  • Slowly and comfortably shut your eyes.
  • Focus your consciousness in your breath and take deep breaths.
  • If you happen to really feel comfortable, you may improve your apply by incorporating chanting of the “Om” mantra for deeper focus, or you may discover numerous Pranayamas (breath management methods) and meditations alongside Mukula Mudra.

Precautions for Mukula Mudra

  • Guarantee bodily consolation in your sitting or meditative posture.
  • Create the hand gesture with gentleness, avoiding pressure or pressure.
  • Preserve concentrate on breath and the mudra whereas avoiding distractions.
  • Breathe naturally and deeply, with out forcing your breath.
  • If closing your eyes, achieve this slowly and gently to stay conscious of your environment.
  • When incorporating mantra chanting, be conversant in the particular mantra and its pronunciation, chanting with reverence and focus.

Time & Period

The period for performing Mukula Mudra can differ relying on particular person preferences and desires. There are not any strict guidelines relating to the period of this mudra, however usually, it may be practiced for about 15 to half-hour per session.

Listed here are some issues:

  1. Quick Periods: In case you are new to Mukula Mudra or meditation typically, you can begin with shorter classes, round 10 or quarter-hour. This lets you get accustomed to the apply with out feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Intermediate Periods: For these with some expertise, you may prolong the apply to half-hour. This period gives ample time to pay attention and expertise the advantages of the mudra.
  3. Longer Periods: Some superior practitioners might select to carry out Mukula Mudra for longer durations, even as much as an hour. Nonetheless, it’s important to hearken to your physique and thoughts throughout prolonged classes and guarantee you might be comfy all through.
  4. Consistency: The important thing to reaping the total advantages of Mukula Mudra is common apply. It’s typically extra useful to apply for a shorter period constantly than often doing longer classes.


Incorporating the affirmation, “I’m therapeutic myself, and I get healed,” throughout Mukula Mudra apply enhances its effectiveness. This affirmation aligns with the mudra’s main intention of channeling therapeutic power inside, reinforcing your physique’s innate means to heal and harmonize.

It acts as a guiding beacon, steering your focus in the direction of the self-healing course of and reinforces the concept your physique, thoughts, and spirit possess the inherent energy to fix, restore stability, and domesticate well-being.

Mukula Mudra Advantages

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1. Balancing the Doshas

Mukula Mudra is claimed to assist stability the Vata, Pitta, and Kapha doshas. It directs power to factors within the physique the place therapeutic is required, which may contribute to dosha equilibrium. For instance, if a selected dosha is aggravated, this mudra might help in decreasing its dominance.

2. Manipura Chakra Activation

Mukula mudra stimulates the Manipura Chakra, situated within the belly space. The Manipura Chakra is related to the Samana Vayu, which governs digestion and assimilation. By energizing this chakra, Mukula Mudra not directly influences the Samana Vayu and helps environment friendly digestion and power absorption.

3. Digestive Well being

Mukula Mudra enhances digestive well being by stimulating digestive organs for environment friendly meals breakdown. It aids these with digestive points like bloating, fuel, or constipation. “Samana Vayu,” related to digestion, performs an important position in meals and power processing inside the physique.

4. Promotes Grounding

Mukula Mudra has the outstanding means to make people really feel extra grounded. In a world stuffed with fixed movement and distractions, this grounding impact gives stability and a way of being centered.

5. Stress Discount

Mukula Mudra can play a task in decreasing stress and nervousness. By channeling power and selling a way of stability, it helps calm the thoughts and chill out the physique. This, in flip, results in decreased stress ranges, psychological readability, and emotional equilibrium, permitting people to higher handle the challenges of each day life.

6. Focus Enhancement

Mukula Mudra enhances meditation by deepening focus, selling internal peace and self-awareness. It’s a precious device for bettering meditation experiences and connecting with one’s internal self extra profoundly.


Mukula Mudra is a robust mudra to 3 stability doshas, activate the Manipura Chakra, floor people, and direct therapeutic power is a testomony to its significance. Whereas it might appear to be a easy hand gesture, its potential for internal energy and vitality is boundless.



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