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Lumens to Watts Conversion Chart and LED Data

Lumens to Watts Conversion Chart and LED Data


Complete Information: Changing Lumens to Watts with LED Insights

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Synopsis: A complete chart changing Lumens to Watts for LED, incandescent, and halogen lightbulbs, accompanied by a desk demonstrating luminous efficacy conversion. The extra environment friendly a light-weight bulb is, the extra vitality it saves. In at this time’s world lighting accounts for one fifth (20%) of the world’s complete electrical energy consumption. Lately selecting mild bulbs has change into barely extra complicated, you knew roughly what you had been getting with a regular 40W, 60W or 100W bulb. These days, vitality saving bulbs, similar to mild emitting diodes (LED’s), produce way more mild, a lot much less warmth, and devour much less vitality (Watts). LED lights additionally usually have a lifespan of 25,000 hours (approx. 20 years) or extra.



Luminous Efficacy

Luminous efficacy is a measure of how nicely a light-weight supply produces seen mild. It’s the ratio of luminous flux to energy, measured in lumens per watt, (abbreviated as lm/W), within the Worldwide System of Models (SI). Relying on context, the ability will be both the radiant flux of the supply’s output, or it may be the full energy (electrical energy, chemical vitality, or others) consumed by the supply. Which sense of the time period is meant should normally be inferred from the context, and is typically unclear. The previous sense is typically referred to as luminous efficacy of radiation, and the latter luminous efficacy of a light-weight supply or total luminous efficacy. One lux (1 lux) is outlined as being equal to at least one lumen unfold over an space of 1 sq. meter.

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First Let’s Take a Take a look at Luminous Efficacy

The Watt is a unit of energy. The Lumen is a measurement of sunshine output. Luminous efficacy represents the effectivity of a light-weight supply in changing vitality (watts) into seen mild (lumens). Within the case of older incandescent bulbs, their efficacy was roughly 15 lumens per watt, whereas fashionable LED know-how usually achieves a a lot greater vary of 75 to 110 lumens per watt. As a rule of thumb, this suggests a tough ratio of seven:1 when selecting an LED bulb to interchange an incandescent bulb. For instance, suppose you want to change a 100-watt incandescent bulb with an equal LED bulb. Using the 7:1 ratio, you may estimate the wattage by dividing 100 watts by 7, leading to roughly 14 watts for the LED bulb. Nevertheless, observe that the luminous efficacy could differ amongst producers, so probably the most dependable method is to seek advice from the Lighting Details label and goal to match the lumens of the LED bulb to make sure the specified brightness.

Luminous Efficacy Conversion Desk
Gentle sort Luminous efficacy (lm/W)
Incandescent (tungsten) 12-18 lm/W
Halogen 16-29 lm/W
CFL (fluorescent) 40-60 lm/W
LED 80-100 lm/W
Be aware: The values offered within the chart and desk are approximate and will differ primarily based on particular mild bulb fashions. Luminous efficacy is a measure of how effectively a light-weight supply produces seen mild, and better values point out extra environment friendly mild sources. LED mild bulbs usually supply the best luminous efficacy in comparison with incandescent and halogen bulbs.

Lighting Details Gentle Bulb Labeling

Gentle bulb labels have shifted their focus to focus on brightness, measured in lumens. A lumen is a measure of seen mild vitality, the upper the lumens, the brighter the sunshine. This transformation permits customers to make extra knowledgeable buying selections as they transition in the direction of energy-efficient kinds of bulbs.

The trendy labeling discovered on mild bulb packaging goals to help customers in making knowledgeable selections among the many numerous kinds of bulbs obtainable out there, together with conventional incandescent bulbs, high-efficiency compact fluorescent (CFL), and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. These labels empower customers to economize by choosing probably the most environment friendly bulbs that finest go well with their lighting wants. Up to now, customers had been accustomed to utilizing watt measurements displayed prominently on the entrance of sunshine bulb packages for a few years. Watts are a measure of vitality consumption and merely point out the quantity of vitality a bulb consumes, not its brightness. This reliance on watt measurements alone made it difficult for customers to check conventional incandescent bulbs with extra environment friendly alternate options, similar to compact fluorescents. Known as “Lighting Details,” these labels draw inspiration from the “Diet Details” labels generally discovered on meals packages. The Lighting Details label offers important info similar to:

  • Vitality price
  • Brightness degree in lumens
  • Gentle bulb’s life expectancy
  • Presence of mercury within the bulb
  • Gentle look, indicating whether or not the sunshine is heat or cool
  • Wattage, which signifies the quantity of vitality the bulb consumes

Moreover, every bulb will embrace its brightness, measured in lumens, and a disclosure relating to the presence of mercury. As lighting turns into increasingly energy-efficient, the identical variety of lumens is being achieved with decrease and decrease wattages. These further particulars are aimed toward aiding customers in making environmentally acutely aware selections and choosing bulbs that align with their particular lighting necessities. See the chart under for additional clarification and the way to convert fashionable mild bulb sorts from Watts (W) to Lumens (lm).

Gentle Bulb Watts to Lumens Conversion Desk

On common, an incandescent bulb produces round 14 lumens per watt, in comparison with 63 lumens for vitality saving compact fluorescents (CFL) and 74 for LED bulbs.

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Equal Lumens to Watts Conversion Chart
Be aware: The values offered within the desk are approximate and might differ barely relying on the particular mannequin and producer of the sunshine bulbs. The desk serves as a helpful information for choosing the suitable wattage equal mild bulb primarily based on desired brightness (measured in lumens) for every sort.
Gentle Bulb Kind Lumens (lm) Wattage Equal (W)
LED 450 lm 5W
LED 700 lm 10W
LED 1000 lm 15W
LED 1300 lm 20W
LED 1600 lm 25W
LED 1900 lm 30W
LED 2200 lm 35W
LED 2600 lm 40W
LED 3000 lm 45W
LED 3500 lm 50W
LED 4000 lm 55W
LED 4500 lm 60W
LED 5200 lm 65W
LED 6000 lm 70W
LED 7000 lm 75W
LED 8000 lm 80W
LED 9000 lm 85W
LED 10,000lm 90W
LED 11,000lm 100W
LED 13000 lm 105W
LED 14000 lm 110W
LED 15000 lm 115W
LED 16000 lm 120W
LED 17000 lm 125W
LED 18000 lm 130W
LED 19000 lm 135W
LED 20000 lm 140W
LED 22000 lm 150W
LED 24000 lm 160W
LED 26000 lm 170W
LED 28000 lm 180W
LED 30000 lm 190W
LED 32000 lm 200W
Be aware: The values offered within the desk are nonetheless approximate and might differ relying on the particular mannequin and producer of the LED mild bulbs. LED know-how continues to enhance, providing even greater lumen outputs with decrease wattages, which suggests extra energy-efficient lighting choices for numerous functions. At all times seek advice from the producer’s specs for correct info when choosing LED bulbs for particular lighting wants.
Gentle Bulb Kind Lumens (lm) Wattage Equal (W)
Incandescent 250 lm 5W
Incandescent 450 lm 10W
Incandescent 750 lm 15W
Incandescent 1100 lm 20W
Incandescent 1600 lm 25W
Incandescent 2200 lm 30W
Incandescent 3000 lm 35W
Incandescent 4000 lm 40W
Incandescent 5200 lm 45W
Incandescent 6500 lm 50W
Incandescent 8000 lm 55W
Incandescent 9600 lm 60W
Incandescent 11600 lm 65W
Incandescent 13800 lm 70W
Incandescent 16200 lm 75W
Incandescent 19000 lm 80W
Incandescent 2200 lm 100W
Incandescent 3000 lm 150W
Incandescent 4000 lm 200W
Be aware: Incandescent bulbs will not be usually obtainable in wattages greater than 200W resulting from their excessive vitality consumption and low effectivity. LED bulbs, alternatively, supply a lot greater lumen outputs with considerably decrease wattages, making them a extra energy-efficient alternative for brighter lighting wants.
Gentle Bulb Kind Lumens (lm) Wattage Equal (W)
Halogen 300 lm 35W
Halogen 500 lm 40W
Halogen 700 lm 45W
Halogen 900 lm 50W
Halogen 1100 lm 55W
Halogen 1300 lm 60W
Halogen 1600 lm 65W
Halogen 1900 lm 70W
Halogen 2200 lm 75W
Halogen 2600 lm 80W
Halogen 3000 lm 85W
Halogen 3500 lm 90W
Halogen 4000 lm 95W
Halogen 4500 lm 100W
Halogen 5200 lm 105W
Halogen 6000 lm 110W
Halogen 7000 lm 115W
Halogen 8000 lm 120W
Halogen 300 lm 50W
Halogen 500 lm 75W
Halogen 700 lm 100W
Halogen 900 lm 120W
Halogen 1100 lm 150W
Halogen 1300 lm 175W
Halogen 1600 lm 200W
Be aware: The wattage of a light-weight bulb doesn’t linearly scale with lumens output for halogen bulbs both. Like incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs have decrease luminous efficacy in comparison with LED bulbs, and their effectivity decreases as we go to greater lumen outputs. Halogen bulbs will not be generally obtainable in wattages greater than 200W resulting from their vitality inefficiency. LED bulbs stay a extra energy-efficient choice for top lumen outputs, they usually can obtain the identical brightness with a lot decrease wattages in comparison with each incandescent and halogen bulbs.
Gentle Bulb Kind Lumens (lm) Wattage Equal (W)
CFL 450 lm 9W
CFL 700 lm 14W
CFL 1000 lm 19W
CFL 1300 lm 24W
CFL 1600 lm 29W
CFL 1900 lm 34W
CFL 2200 lm 39W
CFL 2600 lm 44W
CFL 3000 lm 49W
CFL 3500 lm 54W
CFL 4000 lm 59W
CFL 4500 lm 64W
CFL 5200 lm 69W
CFL 6000 lm 74W
CFL 7000 lm 79W
CFL 8000 lm 84W
CFL 450 lm 9W
CFL 700 lm 15W
CFL 1000 lm 20W
CFL 1300 lm 25W
CFL 1600 lm 30W
CFL 1900 lm 35W
CFL 2200 lm 40W
CFL 2600 lm 50W
CFL 3000 lm 55W
CFL 3500 lm 65W
CFL 4000 lm 75W
CFL 4500 lm 80W
CFL 5200 lm 90W
CFL 6000 lm 100W
CFL 7000 lm 115W
CFL 8000 lm 130W
CFL 9000 lm 145W
CFL 10000 lm 160W
CFL 11000 lm 175W
CFL 12000 lm 190W
CFL 13000 lm 200W
Be aware: CFL bulbs will not be generally obtainable in wattages greater than 200W, and as with halogen and incandescent bulbs, their effectivity decreases as lumen output will increase. For greater lumen outputs, LED bulbs stay a extra energy-efficient and sensible alternative.

The Impression of Gentle Shade on Perceived Brightness: Exploring the Kelvin Scale and LED Bulb Variations

The notion of brightness is not solely decided by lumens; the colour of sunshine additionally performs a major position. Even when lumens are the identical, bulbs with cooler, bluer hues resembling daylight could seem brighter than these with hotter, yellower tones. To measure mild colour, we use the Kelvin (Ok) temperature scale.

Incandescent bulbs usually fall inside the 2700-3000K vary, emanating a soothing, heat glow that creates a relaxed ambiance. For a whiter mild akin to sunlight, good for kitchens and workspaces, bulbs labeled between 3500-4100K are beneficial. On the opposite finish, studying lights are sometimes marked 5000-6500K, leading to a bluer hue that gives the look of elevated brightness. Understanding these variations in mild colour will help you create the specified ambiance and performance in your dwelling areas.

Facet Be aware: In a world lighting first Philips has just lately damaged the 200 lumens per watt barrier. By creating the world’s best heat white LED lamp that makes use of half the vitality of the present best lamps available on the market, Philips has set a brand new benchmark in LED innovation.

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