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LEMURIAN Crystals: 5 Therapeutic Crystals Of Lemuria

LEMURIAN Crystals: 5 Therapeutic Crystals Of Lemuria


Uncover 5 completely different Lemurian crystals. Take a journey to the magical island of Lemuria. These therapeutic gem stones carry the power and knowledge of this misplaced land. Entry their data and awaken your Lemurian non secular connection now

The World Of Lemurian Crystals

Most individuals into crystals have heard of the Lemurian Seed Crystals, also referred to as Lemurian Quartz. However, do you know there are additionally different crystals on the market that carry Lemurian power and data? On this weblog publish, I’ll share them with you.

Lemurian Crystal Altar
Lemurian Crystal Altar

The Misplaced Land Of Lemuria

There are various completely different tales and theories about Lemuria. Some see it as an Island, an Island chain or an enormous continent. It might have existed within the southern Indian Ocean or the Pacific Ocean.

I used to be instructed and browse that these tales come from numerous cultures within the Pacific, even when they don’t use the phrase “Lemuria” or Mu for it. For those who go by channelled data and mediums, you’ll get some improbable accounts of the place and the Lemurians.

Many say Lemuria predated Atlantis. Nonetheless, most sources agree it was a inexperienced paradise that sank beneath the waves earlier than Atlantis did.

Lemuria with green jungle, waterfalls, temples and mountains. Digitally created with Playground AI
Did Lemuria look one thing like this?

What’s The Fact About Lemuria?

Lemuria means various things to completely different folks. Regardless of what anybody says, the sources don’t agree on the main points. It’s essential to type your personal perspective however please be accepting of various viewpoints and beliefs.

In meditations, I’ve seen the Lemurians as an developed tribal tradition. Deeply non secular and masters of the therapeutic arts. Though Lemuria seems to me as a tropical paradise, they have been superior in several methods than Atlantis.

This text is solely non secular and metaphysical in nature. Take what resonates. Even in case you are not satisfied Lemuria existed, you can see it as a symbolic delusion that incorporates an essential message for humanity.

My Expertise With Lemurian Crystals

Since I began working with crystals they typically spoke to me about Lemuria. The next crystals have this Lemurian power which is accessible to anybody open to it. As all the time, this isn’t a definitive record.

How To Work With Lemurian Crystals

You may work with these Lemurian crystals in any means you are feeling guided to. Carry or put on them and see how you are feeling. Place one in your physique to expertise its therapeutic power. It’s additionally actually beautiful to meditate with them. In case you have a couple of, attempt creating your personal crystal grid.

TIP: Deep Rest Train

One other means you may work with these therapeutic crystals is thru leisure:

First, select one of many crystals under.

Place this in your physique, or on its related chakra.

Take heed to some enjoyable music or the sound of sea waves.

Shut your eyes and do some deep respiration for five to 10 minutes.

5 Lemurian Crystals
5 Lemurian Crystals



These are essentially the most well-known, also referred to as Lemurian Quartz or simply Lemurian Crystals. I’ve lined these intimately in one other weblog publish. Lemurians are recognized for holding the traditional data and power of Lemuria.

They’re non secular instruments that channel high-vibration mild. Lemurian seeds open the Crown Chakra and all the upper chakras. They’re therapeutic and cleaning. These crystals are companions on the non secular path, aligning you together with your life objective.

Smoky Lemurian Seed Crystal point
Lemurian Seed Crystal


It is a highly effective therapeutic stone linked to the therapeutic priestesses of Lemuria. Amazonite awakens therapeutic talents inside you and helps you in creating them. It has a soothing and calming power. Amazonite is nice for emotional therapeutic and releasing stress.

It clears and opens your Coronary heart Chakra. This crystal brings inside peace and helps your meditation follow. Amazonite filters detrimental power out of your aura and chakras. My tip is that it really works rather well with a Lemurian Seed crystal.

Amazonite tumbled stone with smoky inclusions
Amazonite with smoky inclusions


This uncommon stone (considered one of my favourites) is also referred to as Lemurian Black Jade. It’s a mix of Jade with different minerals like Quartz and Pyrite from Peru. This crystal is linked to the Lemurian age and the legendary misplaced metropolis of Telos. It holds some deep inside Earth energies and is grounding.

Work with Midnight Lemurian Jade to anchor non secular power and knowledge to earth. It’s supreme for people who work with ley strains and vortexes. It’s a perfect companion for visiting sacred websites and accessing their data. Amazonite is linked to the center and earth’s star chakra.

Midnight Lemurian Jade tumbled stone
Midnight Lemurian Jade


These stunning blue-green opals carry the therapeutic power and knowledge of Lemuria. This gemstone is also referred to as Andean Blue Opal. It’s additionally linked to the whales and dolphins of our oceans. Peruvian Blue Opal is a superb cleaning stone.

It helps launch trapped feelings and ache out of your previous, therapeutic the emotional physique. Peruvian Blue Opal balances the circulate of power and likewise helps you glide in life. Serving to us adapt to life adjustments and turn into extra versatile. It resonates with the Coronary heart and Throat chakras.

Peruvian Blue Opal tumbled stone
Peruvian Blue Opal (Are you able to see the waves?)


These historic fossilised bushes retailer the crystalline data of our planet’s historic Earth adjustments. Maybe a few of these bushes stood when Lemuria was round? I really feel the Lemurians noticed bushes as sacred and sentient beings. They have been strongly linked to nature.

This stone assists you in connecting with your loved ones tree and dealing together with your ancestors. It’s helpful in shamanic therapeutic practices and ancestral therapeutic work. Petrified wooden is grounding and helps you keep centred.

Petrified Wood slice
Petrified Wooden slice (there are a lot of different colors)

If you want me to make a Lemurian meditation for you on my YouTube channel, let me know within the feedback under! I might love to listen to from you within the feedback under (PLEASE maintain any questions you will have concise and keep on with this weblog publish matter if you need a response).

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