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Fasolada (Greek Bean Soup) – Holy Cow Vegan

Fasolada (Greek Bean Soup) – Holy Cow Vegan


The normal Greek white bean soup, Fasolada, is as easy to make as it’s scrumptious. The beans are simmered in a tomato-based broth to create a slurpable however hearty soup that is excellent for a comfortable dinner.

Attempt it, particularly in case you love sturdy Mediterranean bean dishes like Greek gigantes plaki and Lebanese chickpea stew.

Fasolada, a traditional Greek bean soup, in bowl with spoon.

Fasolada, typically known as the nationwide meals of Greece, is a straightforward however scrumptious soup made by simmering white beans in a broth of tomatoes, olive oil, and greens like carrots, celery, bell peppers and onions.

That is one among my favourite soups to twist up with on a cool winter’s day, and it’s a nice weeknight recipe. It is hearty with the beans and veggies and an entire meal in itself. However if you wish to you may serve it with a hunk of crusty Italian bread or French bread for a satisfying, soothing dinner.