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Can TMJ Trigger Ear Ache?

Can TMJ Trigger Ear Ache?


Do you know that ear ache is among the frequent signs of TMJ problems? The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is positioned simply in entrance of your ear. This hinge-type sliding joint connects your jaw to your cranium and lets you chew or speak. TMJ problems may cause ache and discomfort on this space which might lengthen past the temporomandibular joint. In case you are coping with TMJ signs, you could already expertise jaw motion issues, facial ache, or jaw clicking sounds. Plus, there are a number of different indicators akin to ear ache, ear ringing, dizziness, and complications. On this article, we are going to talk about TMJ-related ear ache, why it occurs, and the best way to discover aid.

What’s TMJ?

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your decrease jaw (mandible) to your cranium on both sides of your head close to your ear. These are joints that permit you to transfer your jaw in three-dimensional instructions, up/down, backward, ahead, and side-to-side so to chew and speak.

Identical to another joint, the TMJ may be affected by a variety of orthopedic issues. This may embody sore muscle mass, irritation, strained tendons, and displaced or different disc points. TMJ problems, or TMD, confer with this group of circumstances which lead to ache and discomfort in jaw joint and muscle mass.

Apart from jaw ache and discomfort, ear and facial ache are among the many most typical complaints of temporomandibular circumstances.    

It’s typically not clear to determine the precise reason for TMJ problems. The situation may be attributable to an damage to the jaw, arthritis, enamel grinding (bruxism), or misaligned chew.

Why TMJ ear ache occurs?

An ear ache is a standard symptom that individuals with TMJ problems can expertise. It’s because the TMJ is close to the ear canal. To be extra particular, the TMJ is near the temporal bone which incorporates your inside ear. The TMJ consists of not solely the joint but additionally the muscle mass round it. When the muscle mass and joints concerned within the TMJ turn into irritated, infected, or not functioning correctly, the ache and discomfort can have an effect on the ear. Simply as it would trigger ache within the face, eyes, and even unfold right down to the neck or shoulders.

TMJ ear pain, fullness, and ringing

TMJ dysfunction signs

TMJ ache may be delicate or extreme relying on the underlying trigger. It might be a uninteresting, ongoing irritation or recurrent and sharp which can be triggered by jaw actions when chewing or opening the mouth broad.

Frequent signs of TMJ dysfunction embody:

  • Ache when chewing
  • Clicking or popping sounds when opening or closing your mouth
  • Jaw locking
  • Problem in opening or closing your mouth
  • Earaches
  • Complications
  • Ache behind the eyes or different facial ache
  • Enamel grinding
  • Enamel sensitivity
  • Dizziness

When you’ve got ear ache accompanied by the above signs talked about, then you’ll need to see your dentist for a prognosis of TMJ issues. It’s also mandatory to guage your ear signs with an ENT specialist first to examine if there isn’t a ear an infection.

What does TMJ ear ache really feel like?

Apart from earache, a ringing sound within the ear, often known as tinnitus, is a standard a part of TMJ ear signs. Some individuals may additionally really feel that their ear is full or clogged resulting from TMJ irritation. In case your ear ache is attributable to TMJ problems, then it’s best to produce other signs related to TMJ like jaw ache, clicking sounds, or restricted jaw operate. Your signs are likely to flare up when strain is utilized or with intense jaw actions.  

It’s attainable that TMJ joint disc is displaced. Or possibly the muscle mass, tendons, or ligaments are strained and overstressed. These all can sign ache to the ear.

Seeing a dentist or certified TMJ physician is important to find out in case your supply of ear ache is said to TMJ points.

What are remedies choices for TMJ dysfunction?

Because the trigger and severity of TMJ problems fluctuate, so do the remedies. Your dentist or physician can recommend a variety of conservative remedies obtainable. In case you are experiencing delicate ache, they could advocate self-care house cures to scale back rigidity within the joints and muscle mass and to assist alleviate your ache.

Your dentist can provide completely different types of remedies which could embody, sporting a mouth guard, dental restorations, and even orthodontics. Rest methods and mild jaw stretching workout routines assist successfully to alleviate soreness and irritation. Normally, it’s uncommon for TMJ dysfunction to be so extreme that requires surgical procedure.

House cures

There are a number of easy at-home strategies to assist with TMJ problems and thus ear ache:

  • Eat gentle meals
  • Keep away from meals which might be chewy or exhausting which can require excessive jaw operate or broad mouth opening
  • Keep away from chewing gum and biting your nails or different objects
  • Use ice packs or apply moist warmth to the aching web site
  • Do TMJ stretches and workout routines
  • Handle your stress
  • Keep away from jaw postures akin to leaning on the chin to stop placing strain in your jaw

House administration is essential in the case of TMD therapy. It might work successfully with TMJ circumstances which in flip helps you obtain aid along with your ear ache. Keep away from issues that worsen your TMJ and take excellent care of your enamel and mouth. Be sure to brush your enamel and floss usually, eat wholesome meals, and speak to your dentist for extra further ideas.

If the ache is extreme sufficient, your physician may additionally advocate sure anti-inflammatory drugs and muscle relaxants to alleviate tenderness and ease your signs. 

TMJ mouth guard to relieve your jaw and ear pain

Skilled remedies

Along with life-style modifications and residential care, there are specific different remedies to handle TMJ problems. For instance, in case your TMJ is attributable to enamel grinding and jaw clenching, a mouth guard can defend your enamel in addition to your jaw constructions. There are additionally completely different designs of mouth guards or occlusal splints to assist realign jaw place to ease your ache and rigidity.

Some frequent remedies for TMJ problems can embody:

  • Mouth guards for enamel grinding and jaw clenching
  • Mouth guards or splints to recapture displaced disc or right jaw place
  • Dental procedures and restorations akin to crowns or fillings to rebuild broken enamel or implants and dentures to interchange lacking enamel
  • Orthodontic therapy in an effort to right jaw misalignment and enamel malocclusion
  • Bodily therapies to enhance jaw operate and reduce TMJ rigidity
  • Rest methods to assist calm the thoughts and relieve emotional stress

And eventually, in case your situation is extreme and doesn’t reply to conservative remedies, surgical procedure may be really useful.


There are numerous causes if you’re experiencing ear ache, one in every of which is TMJ issues. Speak to your dentist or physician and have the required evaluations to verify whether or not you’re affected by a TMJ dysfunction.

Ear ache is only one signal along with numerous different signs. This may embody jaw ache, jaw clicking and popping sounds, problem when opening or closing your mouth in addition to facial or neck ache.

Often requested questions

Can TMJ problems trigger ear fullness, ringing, or strain?

TMJ problems not solely have an effect on the jaw joint and muscle mass but additionally the ears and different elements in proximity. The TMJ dysfunction and the related nerve irritations may cause earache, fullness and strain sensations, dizziness in addition to ringing sound within the ears (additionally known as tinnitus).

The way to know in case your ear ache is TMJ or an an infection?

It’s best to see an ENT physician to rule out ear an infection. Your TMJ-related ear ache can recur or persist and it might be a uninteresting, ongoing, or sharp ache. Clenching enamel, excessive jaw actions, and straining the muscle mass or palpation of the realm which might be linked with TMJ can lead to facial ache, headache, ache behind the eyes as nicely ear ache.



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